2nd International Conference on Business, Management and Leadership

2nd International Conference on Business, Management and Leadership

2nd International Conference on Business, Management and Leadership

Breaking New Grounds in Innovative Leadership and Management at ICBML 2025

About Business and Management Conference

In a world that is shifting effortlessly, management and leadership are fields with pressing demands that call for new ideas and creative solutions to drive success in today’s dynamic business landscape. To tackle these issues head-on, it is crucial that academics and specialists come together and have meaningful discussions.

The 2nd International Conference on Business, Management and Leadership (ICBML) serves as a vital platform for scholars from around the globe to convene, exchange new findings, and share groundbreaking ideas. Through promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing, ICBML plays a crucial role in influencing the direction of management and leadership, bringing about transformative change, and ensuring that businesses thrive in a constantly changing environment. The ICBML Management Conference 2025 is scheduled to take place in Manchester, UK, from February 26–28, 2025.


Areas shaping the Future of Leadership: Key Topics of Discussion at Management Conferences 2025

The pioneering ICBML conference fosters creativity and propels groundbreaking innovations in the fields of leadership, management, and business. The conference covers a wide range of key subjects that influence how organizations will develop in the future, from strategic leadership to agile management. Additionally, ICBML promotes a continuous dialogue regarding innovation in leadership, addressing topics like innovation management, transformational leadership, and digital leadership. Come unleash the future of leadership, management, and business with us at ICBML.

Benefits of publication in the Conference Proceeding

The Organizing Committee of the conference is working with internationally – indexed journals from well-known publishers including SCOPUS, Web of Science, DOAJ, and many more. Conference participants will be assisted and guided to get their papers published in the Regular Issue or Special Issues of these journals. Important Note: The decision of whether or not any of the papers can be included in the journal publication remains at the full discretion of the journal editors and is subject to the results of the double-blind peer review and the satisfactory completion of any revisions required.

Don't Miss The Deadlines of This Conference

Authors will be notified of Abstract acceptance within 7 to 14 days. The optional full paper submission, including detailed guidelines for publication in Conference Proceedings, peer-reviewed journals, or as a Monograph, will be emailed within a few weeks after the conference.

12 February 2025

Abstract Submission Deadline

15 October 2024

Early Registration Deadline

19 February 2025

Late Registration Deadline

26–28 February 2025

Conference Dates

Empowering Management & Leadership

Join Us at ICBML 2024!

Discover Manchester

An Academic Hub and Unforgettable Experience

Manchester, a vibrant city in the heart of England, is a melting pot of history, culture, and innovation. Known for its industrial past as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, Manchester has transformed itself into a modern and cosmopolitan metropolis. From its iconic red-brick architecture to its lively music and arts scene, the city exudes an energy that captivates both locals and visitors alike. Manchester holds not only a rich cultural heritage but also a significant academic importance. Renowned for its exceptional universities and educational institutions, Manchester has solidified its reputation as an intellectual hub. The city boasts prestigious institutions such as the University of Manchester, which consistently ranks among the top universities globally. With a diverse range of academic disciplines, from science and technology to arts and humanities, Manchester attracts scholars from all over the world, fostering an environment of innovation and intellectual exchange.


The University of Manchester, Core Technology Facility

46 Grafton St, Manchester M13 9WU.

The city of Manchester has 4 stations, with Manchester Piccadilly and Manchester Victoria being the main stations with the biggest number of visitors coming in from all over the UK.The station offers a free city bus service for those looking to go around town, but the city is also an easy 10-minute walk away.
There are up to 48 trains per day from London to Manchester.


Manchester has an extensive bus network with many routes terminating at Piccadilly Gardens bus station. Bus fares across Greater Manchester are capped at £2 and there are also a few free bus routes in the city center and several travel passes are available that make it cheaper to get around Manchester.
Metrolink Tram is an easily accessible system, completely level with the platform with no gap at all; inside there are wheelchair spaces, similar to those provided on buses.

Recommended hotels

Discover a range of nearby accommodations in close proximity to the conference venue.

Diverse Presentation Opportunities

Virtual Participation; Flexibility Option for Busy Schedules

At business, Leadership and Management multiple presentation options are designed to cater to the preferences of every attendee. Choose to be a paper presenter, listener, panelist, or workshop presenter. ICBML offers a platform for your ideas to be heard, regardless of the format you choose—an interesting oral presentation, a dynamic virtual presentation, or an eye-catching poster presentation.

ICBML management conference provides a virtual presentation option for attendees who might have financial constraints or are caught in hectic schedules. This ensures that insightful information is shared regardless of location by enabling you to participate and present your work from anywhere in the world.

Conference Registration

Discover our Tailored Registration Type for Every Participant

ICBML offers a range of registration packages tailored to meet the needs of each participant. Whether you are a student, a regular attendee, or a listener, we have flexible options to accommodate your preferences and budget.

Early Registration Deadline

15 October 2024

  • Authors (Students): £ 320
  • Authors (Regular): £ 370
  • Listener: £ 140
  • Virtual Delegate: £ 140
  • Extra Paper: £ 75

Late Registration Deadline

19 February 2025

  • Authors (Students): £ 360
  • Authors (Regular): £ 420
  • Listener: £ 160
  • Virtual Delegate: £ 160
  • Extra Paper: £ 75



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